Behind the Best Soda Makers

We do the work to find out who makes the best fizz in the biz! We take the time to scour the internet and work through real-life testing and experience. My team reviews and recommends the best up-to-date soda makers, carbonated beverage machines, accessories, recipes, etc. Join us on our journey in exploring the passion for refreshing, healthy, and unique ways to stay hydrated.

Our free E-Book is packed with extra invaluable information to get started on your lifestyle change to a healthy and more creative method to drinking soda and soda water at home. It is highly recommended to read through it before making the decision on your perfect soda machine.

Let us be your main source for soda machine and carbonated water information. Find DIY soda water recipes, how to keep your soda maker spick and span, prompt answers to any questions you may have and more. We are your Best Soda Makers Gurus!

How we started

Before the The Best Soda Makers came to fruition, the founder realized that she was drinking upwards of 8 or 9 diet sodas per day. Not only was this an unnecessary expense, but ingesting aspartame in those kinds of quantities is not beneficial to anyone’s health. She experienced caffeine headaches, bloating, fatigue and an excess of cans and plastic bottles. The most logical solution was to stop drinking diet soda.

However, this is no easy task. Instead of giving up the bubbles forever, she found a brand new passion: carbonated soda water. Adding healthy flavors like natural fruits makes the experience that much more satisfying. But healthy solutions are not all you’ll find with us – we can also make a pretty mean fresh cocktail. We plan on sharing those delicious recipes with all of our visitors!

We welcome you with open arms to become part of our bubble obsessed family. Bringing fun and valuable information to readers is our first priority. Feel free to reach out with any questions, comments, recipes, or experiences of your own that you may like to share! #getthefizz