How to Make Carbonated Water With Common Household Items

Do you love a bubbly beverage but don’t like spending all of that money (and not to mention waste) on packs of soda from the store? Don’t worry; I’ll teach you a cheaper and easier way—a DIY version of sparkling or carbonated water.

Since getting your own soda making machine can be expensive, and buying ready-to-drink sodas from stores is a money pit so many of us fall into, it is wise and innovative to look for an alternative that will save you some cash.

After spending a reasonable amount of time doing research on how to go about this, I discovered that there is a way of making carbonated water yourself. This can be done from items you can easily get at home, and it’s going to cost you less compared to owning a soda machine. With this method I’m going to show you, you can make seltzer water and soda water.

Note: Be careful with the quantity of baking soda and vinegar you use. Too much of it and you might end up with an eruption or explosion, which will leave you with a messy room or even injure you. Remember that you are working with items that create high-pressure when combined, so it is important that you take the necessary precautions and wear safety glasses when trying it out for the first couple of times. Safety first, friends!

Gather materials needed to make carbonated water.

  • Two (2) plastic bottles with caps (about 20-oz. capacity)
  • Approximately 3- of tubing, fish aquarium-size
  • Vinegar
  • Baking soda
  • Water or any liquid to be carbonated
  • Funnel
  • Scissors
  • Drill
  • Toilet paper
  • Drill bit, smaller than the tubing

Note: Avoid using glass bottles as they could explode and cause serious injury.

Drill a hole in each bottle cap.

Take the caps of the two bottles and drill holes in the middle using your drill.

Cut the tube at both ends.

Cut the tube at an inclined angle so that it sticks to the bottle cap.

Stick the tubes to the caps.

Take the tube and stick each end to the two bottle caps. Screw the caps after. In one bottle, one end of the tube should be about an inch inside the bottle while the other end should reach the bottom of the other bottle.

Get the liquid to be carbonated.

At this point, anything in liquid form can be carbonated. You can get thousands of recipes for soda water on the internet. Just follow the procedures to make the beverage (for this tutorial, I’m using water). Pour the water into the bottle that has the tube reaching the bottom.

Leave about 1½ inches of space at the top for air then screw the bottle cap back on tightly.

Fill the second bottle with vinegar.

Open the second bottle and use a funnel to fill it up with vinegar to about one-third of the bottle. Do not place the bottle cap back on just yet.

Get your baking soda ready for use.

Cut a square piece of toilet paper and put a tablespoonful of baking soda on it. After that, fold up the toilet paper as seen in the picture.

Add the baking soda to the bottle of vinegar.

The first thing to do at this stage is to ensure that the bottle containing the water to be carbonated is well-covered. Hold the bottle containing the vinegar in one hand and your baking soda wrapped in toilet paper on the other. Drop the roll of toilet paper containing the baking soda into the vinegar and screw on the cap as fast as possible, then shake the bottle.

Shake the contents vigorously.

Hold the bottle containing the drink and shake well. You will see bubbles in the tube. That is the carbon dioxide that will be used to carbonate your drink. Keep shaking until you notice that the bubbles have stopped coming out of the tube. You can shake one more time and allow it to sit for about two minutes.

Open the bottle containing carbonated water.

It is advisable first to pinch the tube above the bottle to avoid your drink from splashing out, which may even cause it to lose its fizzy effect. Open the bottle slowly while pinching the tube. Let this process take place in your sink because some CO₂ will escape. Sometimes, the baking soda, vinegar, and the toilet paper mixture may come out.

Enjoy your drink.

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Which SodaStream® Model Should I Buy?

SodaStream is the leading soda maker manufacturer in the industry. They have been in business for several years and gained a good reputation in the market.

This brand has different models of sparkling water makers that give you the option to choose the one that best meets your needs. They come in various colors and sizes.

Their soda making machine is a kitchen appliance that should be in every home because its benefits are countless. You don’t have to pollute the environment with plastics you get from the carbonated water you buy from supermarkets, and it saves you from spending a lot of money just to get your soda fix every day.

With SodaStream soda makers, you can produce up to 60 liters of sparkling water. The beauty of it is that you can add different flavors to your drink to make it more tasty and refreshing. It’s indeed a great machine needed to have fun with the family.

Since SodaStream has so many models of carbonated water makers, we shall be looking at the ones that are worth spending your money. Depending on your needs, you can make your choice among the ones listed below:

SodaStream® Fountain Jet Sparkling Water Maker

The SodaStream Fountain Jet Soda Maker is one of the most affordable and easy to use models. It has all the necessary features needed in a soda maker, and it takes just a few seconds to achieve this. It comes in black or silver finish, and you can easily buy spare cylinders and bottles as accessories. It comes with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty, and it is sold for between $70 and $100.

SodaStream® Source™ Home Soda Water Maker

If you care so much about color, here is a product that comes in a variety of colors. There are white, blue, red and black colors. This machine takes no time to give you what you want. With a liquid crystal display (LCD), you can easily determine the quantity of carbon dioxide you want in your drink. This model also comes in both plastic and metal housing, although you may have to spend a little more to get the metal shell machine.

The price is between $70 and $100, and it comes with a two-year warranty.

SodaStream® Revolution Carbonated Water Maker

This is the most expensive and also most efficient of all the SodaStream models. With a sophisticated design and an automatic 4-level LCD carbonating indicator, you will surely enjoy different carbonated water flavors and textures you desire. The indicator allows you to control the amount of CO₂ in your drink, and also let you see the level of your CO₂ so as to know when to go for a refill. It has a metal cup at the base of the carbonated bottle to add to its beauty.

The price ranges from $330 to $350.

SodaStream® Crystal Sparkling Water Maker

This is an aesthetically pleasing sparkling water maker that comes with a unique 600ml carafe made of glass. You have the color choice of black & silver or red & silver. This elegant and stylish soda water maker can easily fit into your kitchen.

This machine offers over 30 flavors, and the bottles and cans are not heavy. It converts water into soda at a faster rate, and it is clean to use. The price of this item is about $170.

SodaStream® Genesis Sparkling Water Maker

This product has a slim design, and it renders all the services soda lovers need. It gives you so many options in flavoring your drinks. The carbonating bottle that comes with the soda maker is designed to withstand high pressure. Owning this machine saves you from spending more when you buy fizzy water from stores, and it takes just a few seconds to make your sparkling water.

The components of this soda maker include two BPA-free carbonating bottles, syrup sampler pack, and a 60-liter CO₂ carbonator. It will cost about $110 to get.

SodaStream® Play Soda Maker

This is one of the latest models from SodaStream that fits 130-liter and 60-liter carbonators. It is compatible with 1-liter and 0.5L-liter bottles and has a user-friendly snap-lock bottle mechanism. It comes with an auto-lift slider for one-motion carbonation. The Play model has a variety of colors ranging from black, white, and yellow, to blue. It sells between $50 and $100.

How Much Does a Soda Machine Cost?

A soda machine is a great device that has made drinking exciting, pleasurable and refreshing. It is a machine that turns ordinary water into sparkling or carbonated water. This is done by adding dissolved carbon dioxide to water to create a fizzing effect. It comes with the option of adding variety of flavors to the drink to make it refreshing.

The benefits of these soda making machines are numerous. They make you drink more water due to the refreshing nature of the drink.

For those who don’t like the taste of plain water, it is an excellent way to take your water. Also, with a soda maker, you will be free from litter around your house with cans and bottles of soda water you get from stores. The soda maker is also safe to use because most of them don’t need batteries or electricity to power it.

With the level at which people are going for this item, more and more brands are rolling out every day. Since different manufacturers make them, you should expect differences in prices due to their unique specifications.

For the purpose of this article, we shall be looking at some types of soda makers and how much they cost. SodaStream is a giant in the soda making industry. Thus we shall be emphasizing more on their products.

SodaStream® Fountain Jet Soda Maker

This is a soda machine that comes with a two-year warranty. Its starter kit includes a 1-liter BPA-free reusable carbonating bottle, a free 60-liter carbonator that is redeemable at over 10,000 locations, and a mini CO₂ carbonator.

It has a variety of 40 flavors, and its mixture is free ofaspartame and high-fructose corn syrup. It does not require batteries or electricity.

The price of this machine ranges from $68 to $75.

SodaStream® Source Carbonated Water Maker Starter Kit

This product is very similar to the Fountain Jet Water Maker because they are produced by the same manufacturer. You have the option to choose from over 40 variety of flavors that are free of high-fructose corn syrup and aspartame.

Its features include a mini carbon dioxide carbonator, 1-liter reusable carbonating bottle, and a free 60-liter carbonator that can be claimed at different locations. It also has a two-year warranty attached to it.

This product sells for about $76 and can be ordered online.

Cuisinart® Sparkling Beverage Maker

This is another brand of soda maker that is different from SodaStream products. The Cuisinart soda maker can work perfectly with any size of Cuisinart CO₂ cartridges. Its features include one CO₂ cartridge that can produce up to 16 liters of soda and a complimentary 1-liter BPA-free soda bottle.

It comes with a CO₂ quick connecting valve that makes attaching and removing easy. Clean up is relatively quick thanks to the removable drip tray feature.

This soda making machine is sold for between $45 and $60.

SodaStream® Power Metal Sparkling Water Maker

Asidefrom the Power Sparkling Water Maker, other starter kit includes a mini CO₂ carbonator, a free 60-liter carbonator that can be claimed at different retail locations, and a free 1-liter BPA-free reusable carbonating bottle.

It comes with two years warranty, ant it requires electricity to function. It comes with avariety of flavors which makes it suitable for family use and other events.

The price tag attached to this products is about $150.

Hamilton Beach® Fizzini® Carbonated Soda Maker

This carbonated water maker has a compact hand-held unit that fits on most bottles and can be stored easily. It comes with a 1-liter carbonatingbottle and an adjustable fizz control knob that helps controlthe amountof CO₂ in your drink.

The bottle features a one-quarter turn connection that is fast, easy and secure. It uses 8g CO₂ cartridges that are recyclable, and ten cartridges are included in the starter pack.

This sparkling water making machine goes for between $10 and $20, and it is considered as one of the cheapest.

KitchenAid® Sparkling Beverage Maker

The KitchenAid Sparkling Beverage Maker has a premium die-cast metal casing that makes it durable. It has a carbonation lever that has soft grip handle, and this product is compatible with all of the SodaStream products. Other components include a starter pack of three flavors, 1-liter reusable bottle, and a 60-liter CO₂ tank.

The price of this product is about $200.

How Does a Soda Maker Work?

The soda maker is one interesting device that has been making waves over the past few years. It is a machine that turns ordinary tap water into sparkling or carbonated water. It has been available on the market for years, and people now realize the benefits of this machine.

For those who like taking carbonated water every day, this is a machine you must have to save you from spending so much money and also to avoid littering your home with soda cans and bottles.

Also,some people don’t like drinking ordinary water. This machine will work wonders for you as it comes with a variety of flavors to add to your drink to give it the perfect taste. It doesn’t require electricity or a battery to work, and it is friendly to both the user and the environment.

Using this soda making machine is pretty easy and straightforward. Although there are different brands of soda making machines, majority have the same working mechanism when it comes to soda water making.

Below are three simple steps involved in the process of creating your favorite fizzy water and how this amazing machine works.

1.  Fill the Carbonating Bottle with Cold Water

All soda makers come with carbonating bottles. This could either be in the form of a BPA-free reusable plastic bottle or a reusable glass bottle. The first step for you to take is to take the carbonatingbottle and fill it with cold water to the level you want.

2.  The Fizzing Process

This is the beginning of turning your water into a different drink entirely. A soda machine comes with a CO₂ cylinder that adds dissolved carbon dioxide in water by pressurizing. Once the carbonating bottle is filled with water, attach it and lock it to the soda machine. It is then mixed with the CO₂ with just a press of a button.

Since you are dealing with gas, you will get an empty canister after some uses. Don’t worry about getting another soda maker because this gas cylinder can be replaced by visiting one of the retail outlets that sell soda makers.

Store-bought soda water contains a specific amount of carbon dioxide or a certain degree of carbonation. But with a soda maker, you can control the amount of CO₂ that goes into your drink. You can make it less fizzy or more fizzy just the way you want it.Itis achieved by turning an adjustable control mixer feature that comes with these machines.

3.  Adding Flavor to Your Drink

This is where variety comes to play. Once the sparkling or carbonated water is made, it can be taken as is. But to make it look more refreshing and exciting, you can add flavor to it.

Most soda maker manufacturers have a broad range of flavors that can be added to your carbonated water to give it a special taste. This can be enjoyed with family members, giving your kids the opportunity to add their most favorite flavor to drinks.

These are the three simple steps that show how a soda maker converts tap water into a carbonated drink with varieties of flavor options to be added to it.

Having talked about how a soda maker works, let’s look at the benefits of homemade drinks using the machine over the ready-to-drink sodas we buy from supermarkets.

Benefits of Using a Soda Maker

  • It is environment-friendly. Since you don’t have to visit supermarkets often for soda water that come in bottles and cans, it keeps your homes free from empty bottles or cans that may litter the compound. Also, it does not need electricity or batteries to work, which makes it clean and energy-efficient.
  • It gives you variety. With the many flavors that come with this soda making machine, you don’t have to take same drink over and over again. You can add your favorite flavor at any given time.
  • It makes you take enough fluid. Keeping the body hydrated is vital for the body to function properly. For those who don’t like taking ordinary water, this is a great way to enjoy your drink, and it even makes you drink more because it is refreshing.

Soda Maker Comparison

You can get some benefits using a soda maker. It helps you save money if you are the type that can’t do without drinking something fizzy a day.

It makes you drink more water for those who hate the flat taste of plain water, and it saves you from the stress of going to the supermarket every time to get soda water, it gives you varieties of soda by adding different flavors to your water, and it is environmentally friendly.

Because people now realize the benefits of soda making machines, different companies come up with their own, which makes it challenging to choose from the numerous brands available.

We have put together a comparison guide of some soda makers (both expensive and inexpensive) that will give you what you need to know about the different products.

This can help you to decide on the brand that best meets your needs and taste. You can check the one that falls within your budget, and if it has the features you are looking for, then go for it.

Hamilton Beach® Fizzini® Hand-Held Carbonated Water Maker

With this soda maker, you can have a great time with your family making and drinking carbonated beverages. It comes with 8-gram CO₂ cartridges that can be recycledten times, and 1-liter bottle to make the perfect drink. You can adjust the fizz control knob to determine the quantity of carbon dioxide you want, and you don’t need electricity to operate the machine.

This soda machine is simple to use, and it sells for around $9 to $17. The bottle is very portable and can be easily stored.

The downside of this soda maker is that it does work with another refill, and the carbon dioxide produced is not sufficient.

SodaStream® Play Soda Maker

When it comes to soda makers, SodaStream is the number one manufacturer in the industry, and one of its products is the SodaStream Play Soda Maker.

This soda making machine has two sizes of carbonators—60L and 130L. It is compatible with 1-liter and 0.5-liter bottles. It has a snap-lock bottle mechanism that is easy to use, and an auto-lift slider that makes it possible for one-motion carbonation.

It has the option of adding different flavors to it, and it takes just a few seconds to convert water into carbonated drinks. It’s a great product to use but appears to be expensive when compared to other products. It sells for between $50 and $100. It’s an excellent product to buy if you have the funds.

KitchenAid® Sparkling Beverage Maker

This is a soda machine that has a well-built design. The soda maker body is made of premium die-cast metal, and it is manufactured in Greenville, Ohio. It comes with carbonation lever that has soft grip handle, and it is compatible with SodaStream products.

You can choose over 60 flavors, which makes it one of the most versatile. Among other features are the 1-liter BPA-free reusable bottle, 60-liter CO₂ tank, and starter pack of three flavors. It goes for around $200.

The downside of this soda maker is that it doesn’t come with the 60-liter bottle, but rather a small starter bottle.

SodaStream® Fountain Jet Sparkling Soda Maker

This is another product of SodaStream that offers excellent quality. It requires no batteries or electricity, and it comes with two years warranty which makes it a very good choice.

Its starter kit includes a complimentary 1-liter BPA-free reusable bottle, free 60-liter carbonator redeemable from over 10,000 locations, and a mini CO₂ carbonator. It has over 40 varieties of flavors that can be added to drinks, and it’s free of aspartame and high-fructose corn syrup.

It takes less than 30 seconds to turn ordinary water into a sparkling drink. The price for this machine is between $65 and $100.

From the four soda makers described above, you can easily decide on the one that suits your needs. One of the factors that determine which to machine to choose is the price tag attached to them.

Depending on your budget, you can avail of the ones that are incredibly cheap. But this may not give you the full features and overall satisfaction you are looking for.

Soda Maker Brands: The Best Five

Soda makers have been available for some years now, and different companies are involved in producing these machines. These machines come in various sizes and shapes, depending on the manufacturer’s specifications.

Getting the right soda maker brand that will serve you best may be challenging and confusing because of the numerous kinds in the market. However, getting the helpful information from the right source will let you know the brand that best suit your needs. Even though they are made for the same purpose, some are more versatile and unique than others.

After a series of comprehensive research, we came up with the top five soda maker brands that have built good reputations over the years. Check them out below:


Of all the brands available in the market, the SodaStream brand is undoubtedly the biggest player in the soda making industry. It sells about eight different models of soda makers, and they are environmentally friendly and safe to use. Over the years, their presence has grown all over the world in 45 countries. They sell their products as well as accept carbonator exchanges. They have two sizes of carbonators—the 60-L size which is refilled for $14.99 and the 130-L size which goes for $29.99 to refill it.

SodaStream offers you variety when it comes to adding flavor to the sparkling water. They are also known to provide carbonated bottles that are non-toxic. These bottles come in 1L and 500ml variants. Their warranty covers between one to ten years, which makes it one of the best to get in the market.


Apart from SodaStream which is known as the biggest manufacturer of soda makers, there are other players in the soda making industry, and KitchenAid is one of them.

Although they are well-known in the manufacture of kitchen appliances such as mixers, microwaves, refrigerators, and many others, they have not gone deeply into the production of soda makers.

Their only soda making product is the KitchenAid Sparkling Beverage Maker. The carbonator, as well as the refill system of this model, is the same as that of SodaStream, so you can visit any of the SodaStream stores to get one.

This product is manufactured in the US, and the company is known for offering quality products.

Big Boss™

The Big Boss brand is made and distributed by another reputable company (E. Mishan & Sons, Inc.) that is known for the manufacture and sales of kitchen appliances such as fryers, grills, blenders, and much more.

Big Boss offers a variety of kitchen electrics that are durable and modern. One of the products is the Soda Boss. This soda machine is quite affordable, and it uses CO₂ cartridges.

This soda maker is sold in different stores across the world and can also be bought online. It also comes with the option of adding different flavors to drinks.


This is another reputable company that manufactures chains of kitchen appliances. When it comes to innovation, Cuisinart prides itself as one of the leading manufacturers of kitchen appliances. They are known to have made three soda making machines: the CSS-100, SMS-201BK, and the SMS-216BK. Just like most soda makers, they have their own CO₂ chargers, flavors, and cartridges.

The downside of their products is that they cannot use other brands’ CO₂ cartridges, which has given them negative reviews in the market.

Bonne O™

The name Bonne O is taken from the French word “bonne eau” which means “good water.”Though Bonne O is a neophyte in the manufacture of soda makers, and they are determined to best SodaStream in becoming the biggest player in the soda making industry.

Their sparkling technological innovation—tank-free carbonators—is the first in the world. This company produces their own carbonators and ships it to you, which saves you the stress of having to exchange it. In creating their soda flavors, the soda machine both carbonates and infuses the water if you put fruit all in just one bottle.

Although they are new in the market, their soda makers have exciting features that make them unique. At the rate which they are moving, they can indeed be called best of the best one day.

DrinkMate Carbonated Soda Maker with 3 oz. Cylinder Review

DrinkMate Carbonated Soda Maker with 3 oz. Cylinder Review

If you are looking for a device that will carbonate all types of beverages and not just water then you definitely want to have a DrinkMate soda maker.

This machine is a true soda maker as you can carbonate any type of beverage without worrying about destroying the machine or making a big mess in your kitchen.

This unit is super easy to operate and requires no electricity nor does it require the use of batteries for operation. The DrinkMate Carbonated Soda Maker is easy to clean and includes a BPA free bottle. The machine is sleek and has a small footprint so you don’t have to worry about it hogging space in your kitchen.


This unit features the first carbonation system that allows you to add carbon dioxide to almost every drink. With this machine you can sparkle your lemonade, your tea, your apple cider, your cocktails, beer that has gone flat and even your wines.

The unit is small and so doesn’t take up too much space; it is also easy to use and does not require electricity or the use of batteries. It is easy to clean and features a patented Fizz infuser. The unit features dual stage release which makes the machine fun to operate and which helps with the elimination of foam.

This allows you the user the utmost control over how much carbon dioxide is released into your beverage. This allows you to opportunity to play around with the machine so you can make a signature beverage that is custom made just to suit your tastes.

You can even leave the fizz infuser on the bottle so that when you are ready to pour you can add a little CO2 so you never have to worry about a flat drink. You can even use the machine to refresh your soda that has gone flat. The bottle tilts out of the unit which is great allowing you to easily attach and disconnect the bottle without having to do anything too awkward.


  • Easy to use
  • No batteries
  • No electricity
  • Carbonates all beverages
  • Small footprint
  • Compatible with SodaStream CO2 cylinder so replacement is easy
  • Lightweight
  • Made in the U.S.A in Ann Arbor Michigan
  • Bottle tilts away from unit so it is easier to attach and detach
  • Quick connect system
  • Complete control of carbon dioxide release
  • Clean nozzle by dunking the entire infuser into water


  • No infuser replacement you will have to repurchase the entire unit


The DrinkMate soda maker has been ranked highly on NCB’s Today Show so you know it is a great addition to your home kitchen. This is a countertop appliance that is made from sturdy plastic. It comes with a special attachment which helps to regulate pressure and the included bottle has a cap so you can store your beverage in an airtight container.


The DrinkMate provides healthy competition for SodaStream models. Fist and fore mostly the DrinkMate offers users the ability to carbonate almost every type of beverage and not just water.

Yes that means that you can carbonate your wine, juice, fresh juices and even your soda and beer that has gone flat. The reason the Drinkmate can do this which a SodaStream cannot as stated by the manufacturers is that it is in their pressure process.

With DrinkMate machines you can control the amount of pressure that you release into your drink whereas with SodaStream you cannot.

DrinkMate machines feature 5 valves so you can slowly release pressure or you can release it as fast as you wish. It is the ability to control the pressure in this way that makes the greatest difference in why DrinkMate’s machines can carbonate more than water.

If you were to try and carbonate some orange juice in a SodaStream device for example you would find that you would clog up your device. You may also end up with a big orange mess all over your kitchen.

With the DrinkMate you don’t have to worry about such things. The DrinkMate excels when compared to the SodaStream models since you can carbonate a wide range of beverages and are not limited to carbonating only water.


DrinkMate found the feature that sets them apart – they offer a soda maker that you can add ingredients to prior to the carbonation process.

With a DrinkMate you can carbonate your favorite fresh juice, your wines, apple ciders and so much more giving you a lot of options to make new and exciting drinks in your home. The machine is easy to use as well as it is fun and comes in three colors.

You and your entire family will have fund using the DrinkMate Carbonated Soda Maker Machine and will appreciate it for more than one reason. We highly recommend this and other DrinkMate products as they are versatile and are made right here in the United States so you know they are high quality products.

SodaStream® Reviews: The Four Best Models

Soda makers have been available for some years already, and people began to notice their advantages.Some people hate the taste of water; they prefer adding something to the water to give it a refreshing taste.

For these people, drinking soda water is much more pleasant but getting it from the supermarket is more expensive. That’s why you need a soda making machine to make your own.

Most soda makers come with options of adding a variety of flavors to the carbonated drink. This makes it exciting and refreshing to drink.

For those that hardly spend a day without drinking sparkling water (also known as carbonated water), you may end up littering your house with empty containers like cans and bottles after drinking. Owning a soda maker saves you from that because it comes with a carbonating bottle.

Of all the numerous brands of soda makers available in the market, one of the most prominent manufacturers in the industry is SodaStream. Their company is ranked as the first when it comes to soda makers. They have different models of soda making machines. In this article, we will be giving you some reviews of the four best models for this brand.

SodaStream® Crystal Home Sparkling Water Maker

This is a great soda machine that turns ordinary water into a refreshing carbonated water within 30 seconds. It has a compact design with a weight of one pound. Aside from the Crystal Home Soda Water Maker, the starter kit includes a 1-liter carbonating water bottle and a mini 4-ounce CO₂ carbonator. Once the mini carbonator is empty, you can exchange it for a 60-liter carbonator from over 15,000 locations.

This machine converts water into soda water quickly; it is clean to use, comes with the option of adding more than 30 different flavors to your drink. Also, the bottles are light and easy to store. It is without a doubt one of the best you can find in the market.

SodaStream® Fountain Jet Soda Maker

This sparkling water maker has everything you need to make soda in the comfort of your home. It takes less than 30 seconds to turn your tap water into carbonated water. The starter kit includes the Fountain Jet Soda Water Maker, a mini CO₂ carbonator, a 1-liter reusable carbonating bottle, and a redeemable 60-liter carbonator exchangeable once the mini carbonator is empty.

This model comes with a two-year warranty and requires no batteries or electricity to operate. You also have options to choose from a variety of flavors in just a press of a button. The mixture is free of aspartame and high-fructose corn syrup which makes it healthy.

SodaStream®Source™ Sparkling Water Maker

Aside from the fact that this model produces sparkling water quickly, it also has a sophisticated design that makes it fit perfectly into any home kitchen décor. It comes with a LED Fizz Indicator which makes it easy for you to regulate the amount of carbon dioxide you want in your drink. Everything needed to make soda is available in the machine.

Just like its sister models, SodaStream Source Starter Kit includes the soda water maker itself, a free 1-liter BPA-free reusable carbonating bottle, a mini CO₂ carbonator, and a free 60-liter carbonator to be claimed once the mini carbonator is empty. It has over 40 flavor options, and it does not require electricity to function. With a two-year warranty, it is a secure model to use.

SodaStream® Genesis Soda Maker

This is a modern home soda maker that fits into your kitchen nicely. It turns your water into a refreshing and great-tasting drink in no time, and without making a mess. With this sparkling water maker, you are free from littering your home with cans and bottles you get when you buy in bulk from stores.

Other features include two BPA-free reusable carbonating bottles, a syrup sampler pack, and a 60-liter CO₂ carbonator. The carbonating bottle can withstand high pressure, and did we mention it’s non-toxic? The carbonating bottles also have fizz-preserving caps that helps keep your drinks fizzy for longer. You can save yourself from spending money by getting this soda maker.

What Is a Soda Maker?

Among the essential elements that add up to the well-being of humans, the most important by far is water. It helps with the body’s metabolism and keeps the system hydrated all day long.

Soda water, which is also known as carbonated water or sparkling water is one form of water that most people like to drink. Now, it is considered as an alternative to plain water, especially to those who hate the flavorlessness of water.

If you ask what soda water is, to put it simply, it is water with carbon dioxide dissolved under pressure and may contain other flavor additives. With these ingredients present in the water, most people find it appealing and drink more of it, which helps to keep the body hydrated.

Most carbonated drinks are sold in cans and bottles, which may litter the house when you buy them as a staple. If you are the type that can’t go on a day without drinking this beverage, this can cost you (and the environment) a lot.

Now, if you want to enjoy your favorite drink without having to worry about clutter and extra costs, a soda maker is ideal and readily available at most appliance stores and online shopping sites.

What Does a Soda Maker Do?

Taking clues from what we’ve said above about soda water, it is easy to know what a soda maker does. A soda maker is a portable machine that helps in converting regular tap water into carbonated or sparkling water by adding dissolved carbon dioxide.

It also provides the option of adding flavor to it, which increases our desire to drink more. These soda making machines come with a carbon dioxide canister or cartridge that can be refilled whenever it’s empty.

There are different types of soda makers in the market and getting the right one will require adequate information on the different brands.

Reasons Why You Should Own a Soda Maker

If you are still contemplating about owning a soda making machine, here are some advantages to convince you to get one.

Soda makers are safe and clean to use

With a soda making machine, you don’t have to visit a store to get soda water in cans or bottles. This contributes to keeping the environment clean. Also, this device is not dependent on electricity, which is also a great benefit to the immediate surroundings. Talk about energy-efficient.

It gives you a lot of choices

With a soda maker, you can add your preferred flavor to your soda water especially if you are tired of the taste. There are hundreds of flavors available to add to the water, and you can even add fresh fruits.

It has no adverse effects on your health

The homemade drinks you get from soda makers are better for your health than any store-bought soda water. They do not contain aspartame and high-fructose corn syrup, which are known to be harmful to the body. Also, they have lower carbs and fewer calories which make it an excellent option for those who are mindful of their diets.

You can control the amount of carbon dioxide that goes into your drink

Most people don’t like it when it is too carbonated. Unlike the ones you get in stores, you can choose how carbonated you want it to be through the soda maker.

Saves you money

For those who love drinking soda water on daily basis, this machine is a must-have if you want to cut down on expenses. It is way cheaper to make your fizzy drink with a soda machine than continuously buying from stores.

The carbonation bottles are free from toxins

Most soda water sold in plastic cans and bottles contain harmful chemicals that can cause long-term health problems. But with a soda maker, there is nothing to worry about because the bottles are safe to use.

Now you know what a soda maker is, and the reasons why you should own one. They give you variety when it comes to drinks, and the drinks are made to be enjoyed by the whole family by adding preferred flavors.

Soda makers are very easy to use even if it’s your first time handling it. It is portable, and most have stylish designs that will fit your kitchen perfectly.