DrinkMate Carbonated Soda Maker with 3 oz. Cylinder Review

DrinkMate Carbonated Soda Maker with 3 oz. Cylinder Review

If you are looking for a device that will carbonate all types of beverages and not just water then you definitely want to have a DrinkMate soda maker.

This machine is a true soda maker as you can carbonate any type of beverage without worrying about destroying the machine or making a big mess in your kitchen.

This unit is super easy to operate and requires no electricity nor does it require the use of batteries for operation. The DrinkMate Carbonated Soda Maker is easy to clean and includes a BPA free bottle. The machine is sleek and has a small footprint so you don’t have to worry about it hogging space in your kitchen.


This unit features the first carbonation system that allows you to add carbon dioxide to almost every drink. With this machine you can sparkle your lemonade, your tea, your apple cider, your cocktails, beer that has gone flat and even your wines.

The unit is small and so doesn’t take up too much space; it is also easy to use and does not require electricity or the use of batteries. It is easy to clean and features a patented Fizz infuser. The unit features dual stage release which makes the machine fun to operate and which helps with the elimination of foam.

This allows you the user the utmost control over how much carbon dioxide is released into your beverage. This allows you to opportunity to play around with the machine so you can make a signature beverage that is custom made just to suit your tastes.

You can even leave the fizz infuser on the bottle so that when you are ready to pour you can add a little CO2 so you never have to worry about a flat drink. You can even use the machine to refresh your soda that has gone flat. The bottle tilts out of the unit which is great allowing you to easily attach and disconnect the bottle without having to do anything too awkward.


  • Easy to use
  • No batteries
  • No electricity
  • Carbonates all beverages
  • Small footprint
  • Compatible with SodaStream CO2 cylinder so replacement is easy
  • Lightweight
  • Made in the U.S.A in Ann Arbor Michigan
  • Bottle tilts away from unit so it is easier to attach and detach
  • Quick connect system
  • Complete control of carbon dioxide release
  • Clean nozzle by dunking the entire infuser into water


  • No infuser replacement you will have to repurchase the entire unit


The DrinkMate soda maker has been ranked highly on NCB’s Today Show so you know it is a great addition to your home kitchen. This is a countertop appliance that is made from sturdy plastic. It comes with a special attachment which helps to regulate pressure and the included bottle has a cap so you can store your beverage in an airtight container.


The DrinkMate provides healthy competition for SodaStream models. Fist and fore mostly the DrinkMate offers users the ability to carbonate almost every type of beverage and not just water.

Yes that means that you can carbonate your wine, juice, fresh juices and even your soda and beer that has gone flat. The reason the Drinkmate can do this which a SodaStream cannot as stated by the manufacturers is that it is in their pressure process.

With DrinkMate machines you can control the amount of pressure that you release into your drink whereas with SodaStream you cannot.

DrinkMate machines feature 5 valves so you can slowly release pressure or you can release it as fast as you wish. It is the ability to control the pressure in this way that makes the greatest difference in why DrinkMate’s machines can carbonate more than water.

If you were to try and carbonate some orange juice in a SodaStream device for example you would find that you would clog up your device. You may also end up with a big orange mess all over your kitchen.

With the DrinkMate you don’t have to worry about such things. The DrinkMate excels when compared to the SodaStream models since you can carbonate a wide range of beverages and are not limited to carbonating only water.


DrinkMate found the feature that sets them apart – they offer a soda maker that you can add ingredients to prior to the carbonation process.

With a DrinkMate you can carbonate your favorite fresh juice, your wines, apple ciders and so much more giving you a lot of options to make new and exciting drinks in your home. The machine is easy to use as well as it is fun and comes in three colors.

You and your entire family will have fund using the DrinkMate Carbonated Soda Maker Machine and will appreciate it for more than one reason. We highly recommend this and other DrinkMate products as they are versatile and are made right here in the United States so you know they are high quality products.

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