How to Make Carbonated Water With Common Household Items

How to Make Carbonated Water Using Common Household Items

Do you love a bubbly beverage but don’t like spending all of that money (and not to mention waste) on packs of soda from the store? Don’t worry; I’ll teach you a cheaper and easier way—a DIY version of sparkling or carbonated water.

Since getting your own soda making machine can be expensive, and buying ready-to-drink sodas from stores is a money pit so many of us fall into, it is wise and innovative to look for an alternative that will save you some cash.

After spending a reasonable amount of time doing research on how to go about this, I discovered that there is a way of making carbonated water yourself. This can be done from items you can easily get at home, and it’s going to cost you less compared to owning a soda machine. With this method I’m going to show you, you can make seltzer water and soda water.

Note: Be careful with the quantity of baking soda and vinegar you use. Too much of it and you might end up with an eruption or explosion, which will leave you with a messy room or even injure you. Remember that you are working with items that create high-pressure when combined, so it is important that you take the necessary precautions and wear safety glasses when trying it out for the first couple of times. Safety first, friends!

Gather materials needed to make carbonated water.

  • Two (2) plastic bottles with caps (about 20-oz. capacity)
  • Approximately 3- of tubing, fish aquarium-size
  • Vinegar
  • Baking soda
  • Water or any liquid to be carbonated
  • Funnel
  • Scissors
  • Drill
  • Toilet paper
  • Drill bit, smaller than the tubing

Note: Avoid using glass bottles as they could explode and cause serious injury.

Drill a hole in each bottle cap.

Take the caps of the two bottles and drill holes in the middle using your drill.

Cut the tube at both ends.

Cut the tube at an inclined angle so that it sticks to the bottle cap.

Stick the tubes to the caps.

Take the tube and stick each end to the two bottle caps. Screw the caps after. In one bottle, one end of the tube should be about an inch inside the bottle while the other end should reach the bottom of the other bottle.

Get the liquid to be carbonated.

At this point, anything in liquid form can be carbonated. You can get thousands of recipes for soda water on the internet. Just follow the procedures to make the beverage (for this tutorial, I’m using water). Pour the water into the bottle that has the tube reaching the bottom.

Leave about 1½ inches of space at the top for air then screw the bottle cap back on tightly.

Fill the second bottle with vinegar.

Open the second bottle and use a funnel to fill it up with vinegar to about one-third of the bottle. Do not place the bottle cap back on just yet.

Get your baking soda ready for use.

Cut a square piece of toilet paper and put a tablespoonful of baking soda on it. After that, fold up the toilet paper as seen in the picture.

Add the baking soda to the bottle of vinegar.

The first thing to do at this stage is to ensure that the bottle containing the water to be carbonated is well-covered. Hold the bottle containing the vinegar in one hand and your baking soda wrapped in toilet paper on the other. Drop the roll of toilet paper containing the baking soda into the vinegar and screw on the cap as fast as possible, then shake the bottle.

Shake the contents vigorously.

Hold the bottle containing the drink and shake well. You will see bubbles in the tube. That is the carbon dioxide that will be used to carbonate your drink. Keep shaking until you notice that the bubbles have stopped coming out of the tube. You can shake one more time and allow it to sit for about two minutes.

Open the bottle containing carbonated water.

It is advisable first to pinch the tube above the bottle to avoid your drink from splashing out, which may even cause it to lose its fizzy effect. Open the bottle slowly while pinching the tube. Let this process take place in your sink because some CO₂ will escape. Sometimes, the baking soda, vinegar, and the toilet paper mixture may come out.

Enjoy your drink.

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