KitchenAid KSS3121ER Sparkling Beverage Maker Review

KitchenAid KSS3121ER Sparkling Beverage Maker Review

The KitchenAid KSS3121ER is the newer model that features the KitchenAid brand and a SodaStream design. This unit features an all metal design and is made to look just like the KitchenAid stand mixers that we all think of when we think of the KitchenAid brand.

The unit weighs approximately 20 pounds so it is one of the heavier units you will find but its weight does have its advantages. The unit measures 13.7 inches in diameter, 12.6 inches in width and 21.4 inches in height.

These dimensions and weight have the advantage to allow the unit to stand sturdy so you don’t have to worry about it tipping over like flimsier plastic models.

This unit runs off of SodaStream’s technology and uses their syrups and canisters. Your purchase of this time comes with a carbon dioxide tank with a 60 liter capacity. Your purchase also includes a reusable and BPA-free plastic bottle and 3 flavor packs from SodaStream.

The unit features a pressure gauge that is built in and it uses 3 AAA batteries that are included with your purchase. The KitchenAid KSS3121ER Sparkling Beverage Maker can be purchased in the colors, silver, white, empire red, green apple, onyx black, aqua sky, tangerine and cobalt blue.


The KitchenAidKSS312ER sparkling water maker is an ideal soda maker for your home. It uses SodaStream products that are really easy to obtain as they are available readily online and offline. The unit is made from die cast metal that has been reinforced on the exterior.

This ensures that the machine is easy to clean and maintain. The machine uses a carbonator lever which is high quality and rugged looking yet is very easy to use. It allows you the user complete control over the entire process of carbonation.

This also helps you save my ensuring that you don’t overuse your carbon dioxide so that it will last longer and you will have to do fewer refills. With your purchase of this item you will get a one year warranty and if the machine fails within that year you will be able to get a replacement.

Choices, choices, when it comes to this machine you have 8 colors to choose from. When it comes to SodaStream flavors you have over 50 to choose from and all are readily available in your favorite retail stores.

With your purchase of this unit you actually get a sample pack with three flavors so you can get a sample of the taste quality of what SodaStream has to offer if you choose to use their flavors in the future.


  • Die cast metal exterior
  • Durable
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Fast operation
  • Complete control of carbon dioxide release
  • Reduce recyclables
  • Available in a lot of colors
  • Easily blends in with your other KitchenAid appliances


  • Uses batteries unlike many other models that do not use batteries or electricity – batteries are however included with your purchase


If you are looking for a stylish, functional and durable home soda maker then this model collaboration from SodaStream and KitchenAid is a definitive excellent pick. You will truly find the KitchenAid KSS3121Er to be a very impressive model.

It features the signature KitchenAid style and is available in a variety of colors staying true to the KitchenAid tradition. This allows you the opportunity to purchase the right matching color for your current KitchenAid set up in your kitchen.

As this is a collaboration with SodaStream your purchase comes with the machine, a reusable plastic bottle and a carbon dioxide tank along with some sample flavor packs so that everything you need to make your first batch is in the packaging and all you need to provide is the chilled water.


As this compares with other the thing that stands out are the weight and size of the unit which make it durable and sturdy along with the materials used to make it. Other things that stand out is the fact that the unit uses batteries which is not a common factor with many of the Soda makers available on the market today which use no electricity and also no batteries.


If you are a diehard KitchenAid consumer with their products already in your kitchen we understand you would only trust to have a soda maker from that brand.

KitchenAid along with SodaStream which are the biggest names in soda making come together to offer this; the KitchenAid KSS3121ER Sparkling Beverage Maker  to those who want all the benefits of a SodaStream soda maker but the look, feel and quality of an appliance that is made by the world class and well renowned KithcenAid brand.

You can’t go wrong when you purchase this unit and you won’t regret your purchase either as you can be confident that this is a top quality item made with only the best quality materials that were made to last the test of time.

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