Soda Maker Brands: The Best Five

Soda Maker Brands: The Best Five

Soda makers have been available for some years now, and different companies are involved in producing these machines. These machines come in various sizes and shapes, depending on the manufacturer’s specifications.

Getting the right soda maker brand that will serve you best may be challenging and confusing because of the numerous kinds in the market. However, getting the helpful information from the right source will let you know the brand that best suit your needs. Even though they are made for the same purpose, some are more versatile and unique than others.

After a series of comprehensive research, we came up with the top five soda maker brands that have built good reputations over the years. Check them out below:


Of all the brands available in the market, the SodaStream brand is undoubtedly the biggest player in the soda making industry. It sells about eight different models of soda makers, and they are environmentally friendly and safe to use. Over the years, their presence has grown all over the world in 45 countries. They sell their products as well as accept carbonator exchanges. They have two sizes of carbonators—the 60-L size which is refilled for $14.99 and the 130-L size which goes for $29.99 to refill it.

SodaStream offers you variety when it comes to adding flavor to the sparkling water. They are also known to provide carbonated bottles that are non-toxic. These bottles come in 1L and 500ml variants. Their warranty covers between one to ten years, which makes it one of the best to get in the market.


Apart from SodaStream which is known as the biggest manufacturer of soda makers, there are other players in the soda making industry, and KitchenAid is one of them.

Although they are well-known in the manufacture of kitchen appliances such as mixers, microwaves, refrigerators, and many others, they have not gone deeply into the production of soda makers.

Their only soda making product is the KitchenAid Sparkling Beverage Maker. The carbonator, as well as the refill system of this model, is the same as that of SodaStream, so you can visit any of the SodaStream stores to get one.

This product is manufactured in the US, and the company is known for offering quality products.

Big Boss™

The Big Boss brand is made and distributed by another reputable company (E. Mishan & Sons, Inc.) that is known for the manufacture and sales of kitchen appliances such as fryers, grills, blenders, and much more.

Big Boss offers a variety of kitchen electrics that are durable and modern. One of the products is the Soda Boss. This soda machine is quite affordable, and it uses CO₂ cartridges.

This soda maker is sold in different stores across the world and can also be bought online. It also comes with the option of adding different flavors to drinks.


This is another reputable company that manufactures chains of kitchen appliances. When it comes to innovation, Cuisinart prides itself as one of the leading manufacturers of kitchen appliances. They are known to have made three soda making machines: the CSS-100, SMS-201BK, and the SMS-216BK. Just like most soda makers, they have their own CO₂ chargers, flavors, and cartridges.

The downside of their products is that they cannot use other brands’ CO₂ cartridges, which has given them negative reviews in the market.

Bonne O™

The name Bonne O is taken from the French word “bonne eau” which means “good water.”Though Bonne O is a neophyte in the manufacture of soda makers, and they are determined to best SodaStream in becoming the biggest player in the soda making industry.

Their sparkling technological innovation—tank-free carbonators—is the first in the world. This company produces their own carbonators and ships it to you, which saves you the stress of having to exchange it. In creating their soda flavors, the soda machine both carbonates and infuses the water if you put fruit all in just one bottle.

Although they are new in the market, their soda makers have exciting features that make them unique. At the rate which they are moving, they can indeed be called best of the best one day.

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