Soda Maker Comparison

Soda Maker Comparison

You can get some benefits using a soda maker. It helps you save money if you are the type that can’t do without drinking something fizzy a day.

It makes you drink more water for those who hate the flat taste of plain water, and it saves you from the stress of going to the supermarket every time to get soda water, it gives you varieties of soda by adding different flavors to your water, and it is environmentally friendly.

Because people now realize the benefits of soda making machines, different companies come up with their own, which makes it challenging to choose from the numerous brands available.

We have put together a comparison guide of some soda makers (both expensive and inexpensive) that will give you what you need to know about the different products.

This can help you to decide on the brand that best meets your needs and taste. You can check the one that falls within your budget, and if it has the features you are looking for, then go for it.

Hamilton Beach® Fizzini® Hand-Held Carbonated Water Maker

With this soda maker, you can have a great time with your family making and drinking carbonated beverages. It comes with 8-gram CO₂ cartridges that can be recycledten times, and 1-liter bottle to make the perfect drink. You can adjust the fizz control knob to determine the quantity of carbon dioxide you want, and you don’t need electricity to operate the machine.

This soda machine is simple to use, and it sells for around $9 to $17. The bottle is very portable and can be easily stored.

The downside of this soda maker is that it does work with another refill, and the carbon dioxide produced is not sufficient.

SodaStream® Play Soda Maker

When it comes to soda makers, SodaStream is the number one manufacturer in the industry, and one of its products is the SodaStream Play Soda Maker.

This soda making machine has two sizes of carbonators—60L and 130L. It is compatible with 1-liter and 0.5-liter bottles. It has a snap-lock bottle mechanism that is easy to use, and an auto-lift slider that makes it possible for one-motion carbonation.

It has the option of adding different flavors to it, and it takes just a few seconds to convert water into carbonated drinks. It’s a great product to use but appears to be expensive when compared to other products. It sells for between $50 and $100. It’s an excellent product to buy if you have the funds.

KitchenAid® Sparkling Beverage Maker

This is a soda machine that has a well-built design. The soda maker body is made of premium die-cast metal, and it is manufactured in Greenville, Ohio. It comes with carbonation lever that has soft grip handle, and it is compatible with SodaStream products.

You can choose over 60 flavors, which makes it one of the most versatile. Among other features are the 1-liter BPA-free reusable bottle, 60-liter CO₂ tank, and starter pack of three flavors. It goes for around $200.

The downside of this soda maker is that it doesn’t come with the 60-liter bottle, but rather a small starter bottle.

SodaStream® Fountain Jet Sparkling Soda Maker

This is another product of SodaStream that offers excellent quality. It requires no batteries or electricity, and it comes with two years warranty which makes it a very good choice.

Its starter kit includes a complimentary 1-liter BPA-free reusable bottle, free 60-liter carbonator redeemable from over 10,000 locations, and a mini CO₂ carbonator. It has over 40 varieties of flavors that can be added to drinks, and it’s free of aspartame and high-fructose corn syrup.

It takes less than 30 seconds to turn ordinary water into a sparkling drink. The price for this machine is between $65 and $100.

From the four soda makers described above, you can easily decide on the one that suits your needs. One of the factors that determine which to machine to choose is the price tag attached to them.

Depending on your budget, you can avail of the ones that are incredibly cheap. But this may not give you the full features and overall satisfaction you are looking for.

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  1. KitchenAid® Sparkling Beverage Maker is great since it lets us control the fizz it makes just by moving the grip handle but it is too slow when the water turns into soda.

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