SodaStream Crystal Home Soda Maker and Crystal Glass Carafe Review

SodaStream Crystal Home Soda Maker and Crystal Glass Carafe Review

If you are looking for a compact and simple soda maker for your home that comes with glass machines then you have just opened the right page. This unit like so many other sparkling water makers and soda makers do not use batteries and neither do they use electricity.

With just the push of a button on this machine you can have your very own customized soda or sparkling water right in the comfort of your home.

The SodaStream Crystal Home Soda Maker is a new model that doesn’t use the typical reusable bottles that you get with other SodaStream models.

No longer do you have to settle with BPA-free plastic bottles. Now you can have glass carafes that are safe to use, permit you to decrease your environmental impact and reduces the health risks that are associated with plastic containers.

The glass bottles are also very stylish and give a feeling of grandeur. So if you are into that type of thing then you will definitely appreciate these. The machine itself is made from plastic and metal for a durable and long lasting product.


This like any other machine from SodaStream makes soda in the comfort of your home. You can use your own flavorings or you can purchase from the SodaStream line. So what sets this unit apart from a lot of the other machines made and sold by SodaStream?

First and fore mostly are the glass carafes that this unit comes with. They are assured to be devoid of chemicals that could be potentially harmful and they can be reused for a lifetime. The unit also features a metal cup that holds the bottle securely while the soda is being made.

The touch of metal takes the look of sophistication up a notch allowing the unit to look like some fancy contraption used to make fine cocktails. The unit also features automatic bottle locking so that you don’t have to worry about your bottle slipping, or exploding and making a complete mess of your beautiful kitchen.


  • Automatic bottle locking
  • Metal bottle holder
  • Glass bottles
  • Regal looking
  • Easy to use
  • Durable
  • Safe
  • Environmentally friendly
  • No risk of potentially harmful toxins found in plastic bottles


  • More expensive than other models of SodaStream soda makers
  • This machine uses a smaller carbon dioxide canister so you may need to refill more often


The SodaStream Crystal Home soda maker will get your delicious and healthy homemade sodas in just under 30 seconds. This unit has won awards for its elegant design with its stylish glass carafes with engraved grooves for a touch of splendor.

Even the process of fizzing up your water is more visually appealing when making sparkling water with this machine. Once you have carbonated your water you can add your favorite flavors and enjoy waste free soda and sparkling water that doesn’t eat a hole into your bank account’s balance. You will love that the unit and the carafes are easy to clean and the purchase of this set includes an extra carafe.


Each SodaStream machine allows you to make soda at home and helps you to reduce the cost of drinking soda while helping you to reduce the impact that commercially bottled soda has on the environment. But what sets the Crystal Home Soda Maker system apart from other SodaStream products is the fact that the unit uses glass carafes instead of BPA-free plastic bottles.

The second big difference with this and other machines on the market is the fact that it has a metal cup that keeps the bottle in place. That feature along with a locking mechanism ensures that the bottle is always securely in place when attached to the unit. This helps to reduce the risk of exploding bottles and bottles shifting out of place at the wrong times causing spills.

There is also no need to screw the bottle which is nice when compared to so many other models that require you to screw the bottle in place prior to carbonating the water.


The SodaStream Crystal Home Soda Maker is one of those units that really stands out among the other soda makers on the market. Yes it comes at a higher price but it is certainly worth the additional price as it is made with durable materials and glass bottles are more reusable and even safer than plastic bottles even the BPA-free ones.

Remember that BPA is not the only potentially harmful product that can be found in plastic bottles so if your health is a real concern to you then you definitely want to go with this particular SodaStream with the glass instead of plastic bottles.

If you drink sparkling water and or soda every day or on most days of the week then it is a non brainer – you should definitely be purchasing a SodaStream Crystal Home Soda Maker that will allow you the benefit of making soda in the comfort of your home. It allows you the opportunity to customize your beverages to your taste and to your health goals as well.

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