SodaStream Genesis Home Soda Maker Starter Kit Review

SodaStream Genesis Home Soda Maker Starter Kit Review

The SodaStream Genesis Home Soda Maker is a small home appliance that allows you to make soda at home in a very environmentally friendly way. It is made by the homemade soda maker SodaStream who has a number of cheap soda makers coming in just under $100.

This starter kit includes the machine along with 2 reusable plastic bottles with a capacity of 1 liter each. It also includes the carbon dioxide canister and some flavor packs for you to sample.

The Carbon dioxide canister will last up to 130 liters of water depending on how much carbon dioxide you use in your water each time you do it.

Right away you can see that you will be saving money when using this machine instead of purchasing bottles and cans of soda.

If you find that your love for soda is blowing a hole in your pocket each month then the SodaStream Genesis Home Soda Maker is definitely the way to go. You can significantly reduce the amount of money you spend on soda while reducing the impact that purchasing bottles and cans of soda has on the environment.

You can also better your health when you switch over to this system as you will be consuming soda with fewer sugars and less preservatives and additives.


The SodaStream Genesis Home soda maker will allow you to enjoy soda while not making a bigger hole in the ozone layer. If you stop purchasing soda in bottles and cans you can reduce the amount of plastic waste that goes un-recycled.

The unit doesn’t use electricity or batteries which allows you to reduce your carbon footprint even more. Sodas that you make in this machine will not contain high fructose corn syrup or other ingredients that are bad for your health such as aspartame. When you make your own soda you are also guaranteed lower carbs and lower calories both of which help with weight maintenance.

The machine allows you to make all the favorites for everyone in the household. You will never get tired of having the same drink nor will you have to worry about the kids arguing about which soda or beverage you should be buying.

With a SodaStream machine you have over 60 flavors to choose from including regular soda flavors, fruit juice flavors and even energy drink flavors. The machine is easy to use coupled with so many flavors to choose from which means your kids will enjoy using it as they enjoy drinking the beverages it produces.


  • Eco friendly
  • Healthier than traditional soda
  • No toxins like those found in traditional soda
  • Saves money
  • Takes up little space in the kitchen
  • Made from high quality plastics
  • Allows you control on carbonation
  • Fun to use
  • Can make something for every member of the family


  • You can only carbonate water and add flavors afterwards


The SodaStream Genesis Home soda maker is a fun machine to use and it will help you to save money while reducing the amount of waste you put into the environment. The machine is sleek and fits easily on your kitchen counter without taking up too much space.

The unit will help you to save money if you are a regular soda drinking and so is your entire household. You save money and save the environment sine you won’t have a lot of plastic bottles and cans to throw out each day. When you purchase this unit or any other SodaStream unit you don’t have to worry about the harmful toxins that are found in soda bottles.


You will find that SodaStream mixes are lower in sugar than the soda you purchase at the store. SodaStream offerings are usually even lower in sugar than syrup made by other companies to add to your sparkling water.

You can even make your own syrup using fruit juices so you are certain that your version of soda will be healthier than even the flavors offered by SodaStream. There is also the fact that SodaStream bottles are all BPA free so you don’t have to worry about that leaching into your juices, water and soda.

There are a bit of different models of sparkling water makers created by SodaStream and they all have their differences. They even come in a variety of colors and at different price points with different features to appeal to everyone’s taste in the market.


The SodaStream Genesis Home Soda maker is a great addition to your kitchen if you and your family love soda. You can make your own flavors and add your own flavoring or you can choose from the many that SodaStream have to offer.

Your purchase of this starter kit comes with three flavors that you can use to test the waters of making your own soda at home. Order your SodaStream Genesis Home Soda Maker Machine  and reduce your plastic and can usage while lowering your sugar intake.

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