Top 3 Portable Soda Makers

Portable Soda Makers

We all want to be more hydrated. In the office, out with friends, even sitting at home with your family, water intake is a popular topic. The well known rule of thumb is 8 glasses a day, but body builders carry around gallon plastic bottles to sip on all day. Some fad diets encourage obscene amounts of water, and some doctors claim you need half of your body weight in ounces. But alas, most of us still are not getting all of the proper hydration we need, and loads of us are drinking sugary sodas instead of water.

How can we solve this hydration epidemic while making the process much more enjoyable? I’m so glad you asked. Portable soda makers can make it easier to remain hydrated, since most of us live our lives on the run. We have jobs, kids, hobbies, partners, side jobs, more kids, more hobbies, multiple partners! All jokes aside, sometimes our hydration takes a major backseat to living life. Water makes up most of our planet and our bodies, helps our skin look fresh and glowy, keeps our metabolisms moving smoothly and just all around keeps us alive.

Drinking Soda Water is Fun, Not a Chore

There are many different types of water enhancers: Mio, Dasani Drops, Stur, etc. To be honest, they can help for a while. Most taste pretty good, come in compact bottles and also very easy to use. But these products simply aren’t healthy and sustainable, nor cost-effective solutions. Tonic water and club sodas are also out of the question due to empty calories, sodium, sugar, and chemicals. Always check your labels.

Nothing is more refreshing than the first cold sip of fizzy, icy freshness. So, I’ve done some research for those of you who agree, and found the best portable soda makers for people who want to stay hydrated while making the most of their time. The list has been narrowed down to three, because there are so many sub-par handheld soda makers on the web. This short list will help you avoid those mistakes. Click the photos for more reviews and information about each machine.

The Best Portable Soda Makers


From the top! HBINC makes a hand held soda maker that has many positive attributes. Some of its appealing features include a fizz preference control, which means you’re in charge of just how bubbly you like your soda water. The HBINC portable soda water maker is compact, sleek, and lightweight. Not only is it quite affordable, but it comes with ten CO2 canisters and is BPA free!

This product is such an economical, green, and smart gadget. Perfect for a hot summer day stuck in traffic, lazing around a park or just being out and about. I recommend bringing a lemon or lime to add to your refreshing carbonated water experience.


-Very affordable

-Sleek, compact design

-BPA free bottle included


-No color options

-Only compatible with single use CO2 cartridges


The next portable soda maker to make the list is a personal favorite. It is a small hand-held gadget made by SodaSparkle that weighs less than two pounds. The starter kit includes everything you need to begin making sparkling soda water at home.

The directions for SodaSparkle Home Soda Maker are very simple and easy to follow. You fill the included water jugs with tap or filtered water, insert the CO2 charger into the machine, turn the top and within mere seconds your flat tap water turns into refreshing bubbly soda water. Add any flavors to your drinking glass to turn soda water into a sparkling, flavorful and refreshing beverage.


-Recyclable and disposable CO2 canisters

-Compact design

-Can buy standard seltzer chargers instead of being locked into a brand


-Pricier than HBINC

-Not dishwasher safe

Hamilton Beach

Last but not least, there is the Hamilton Beach Fizzini model. This is the smallest of the three, and thus the most portable. This product is incredibly user friendly. It comes with a starter pack of ten 8 gram C02 bottles, which are recyclable. Drink carbonated water and save the planet all at once!

The Fizzini is the most affordable of the three, has carbonation adjustment levels and the size and portability simply cannot be beat.


-Very affordable

-Compact, lightweight design

-Carbonation adjustment levels


-Must use Fizzini canisters

-3/5 stars on Amazon



Any of the three will get the job done if used properly, so the decision should be based on your personal preferences. My favorite is the SodaSparkle for versatility, the HBinc hand held soda maker offers the most sleek presentation, and the Hamilton Beach Fizzini is simple and the most affordable. All offer the option to add your own soda mixes or fresh fruit juices for flavor, and all are fun and perfect for those of us who love carbonated water, want to cut costs and live life on the run!


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